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Developer PMM

Currently working at Microsoft as a Developer Product Marketing Manager for Azure and working hard to provide growth and quality to the platform's core community of developers. I wear a lot of different hats and interface with a lot of people to ultimately drive the strategic vision of continuing to grow the developer ecosystem. I am empowered everyday to enable the devleoper community to build the tools and services that serve a diverse audience globally.


Mobile Developer

I enjoy diving into the mobile space on my free time. I currently co-organize the Montreal Mobile Developer group in Montreal along with three other amazing co-organizers.



Since I was young, I loved disassembling electronics and solving puzzles. Technology is much more than a passion for me. I have a natural need to create, imagine, and build. My mission is to enable others to embrace uncertainty since there is no linear path to success. To create their own path, their own opportunities, and their own success.

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Caribbean Developers Conference

Working in a Distributed Team

A distributed team allows your company to hire the best talent regardless of their location. But it is not as easy as one may think, to work well in a distributed team. It can be a real challenge to get right and work effectively. In this talk we will explore the three key areas (mastering our tools, fostering relationships, and developing the proper communication patterns) to make ourselves great remote workers. You may also find out a secret formula to remote working!

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic | October, 2018

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GitHub Campus Expert Summit

From Expert to Industry

From being a GitHub Campus Expert to moving on to fulltime, I will share my journey will how to make the transition as smooth as possible and how to utilize the program to it's fullest.

BREMERTON WA, USA | October, 2018

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API City

Tokens, applications, security, oh my!

Seems like all you hear about these days are Single Page Applications. Angular, React, Vue, Ember are transforming the way we think about the frontend. But what about securing these applications? This often tends to take a back seat to speed, animations and other cool features of these frameworks. Between cookies, tokens, keeping users authenticated, and handling resource access, securing these apps can be tricky - you may even feel like you need a second page (gasp!) for your authentication setup! Fear not, for the technology to create truly secure SPAs is there and I’ll show you how.

BREMERTON WA, USA | October, 2018

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GitHub Constellation

Installing Foundations for Developer Communities

Not all developers are the same. We are a diverse set of beings! So, how do we build communities for developers? Join in as Kim takes you on journey from building communities for student audiences to a professional platform. We will explore how to shape the foundation and construct a custom toolkit for getting a community off the ground!

Toronto, Canada | June, 2018

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  • My first experience as an International Speaker

    Colombia 4.0 is one of the largest digital content summits in Latin American. This year there were 246 speakers from 26 different countries, and hey guess what! I was one of those little conferencistas from Canada 🙂

    All things VS Code: A Series of blog posts

    7 days of VS Code! Run through 7 blog posts that covers how VS Code works, how to navigate and customize, and ultimately how to extend the editor and build your first VS Code extension.

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