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About me

Since I was young, I loved disassembling electronics and solving puzzles. Technology is much more than a passion for me. I have a natural need to create, imagine, and build. My mission is to enable others to embrace uncertainty since there is no linear path to success. To create their own path, their own opportunities, and their own success.

By Day.

Open Source @ Microsoft

Currently driving Microsoft's Open Source Software strategy in Canada. Collaborating with OSS communities, partners and ISVs to enable customers on Microsoft's open platform and, as a result, add value and growth to their businesses. Ultimately advancing Linux and OSS projects on Microsoft Azure and amplifying awareness to the open source ecosystem.

By Night.

Trying to survive @ home

Althought right now I have prioritized getting through these times, I do spend a lot of time exploring my curiosity for: story telling, creativity, community enabling, and much more.